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Clnordyke 3 days ago


One of the best Tacos I have had. Stopped on the way to airport and now stop in every time I am in town.

Guest 11 days ago

Bacon PB&J

Well done!!! I was optimistic to say the least, but pleasantly surprised. Definitely recommended.

Megan.Lotta 16 days ago

Bacon PB&J

This was a taco I HAD to try. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised! The bacon was thick and flavorful, the jam was perfect! It all came together so well. Would definitely recommend trying it out!

David 5 months ago


No kidding, best taco I've ever had, IF YOU LOVE SPICY FOODS

Jacquie 8 months ago

Buffalo Fried Chicken

This is delicious! Perfect flavor. And I loved how the celery was cut, so it was super easy to eat in a taco. Definitely would order this one again.

Dan 5 days ago

Bacon PB&J

OMG! OMG! OMG! There are defining moments in a person's life that will stick with them forever. The first time you kiss someone, your first car, the first time someone tells you "I love you", and the first time you go to freaking Taco Asylum and have the Bacon PB&J taco. Are you kidding me? This thing is like Heaven wrapped in a flour tortilla! But before I wax too poetic about this thing, let me tell you about the place. It started out as an innocent walk by. It was later in the evening, and they weren't open. But the menu was out front. My girlfriend and I looked at the menu and were like, "Wait … what? Really? Are you kidding?" That's when we knew we had to come back ASAP and get some tacos. The place has a really cool, laid back vibe to it. But don't let the unassuming facade lull you into a sense of low expectation; there are some SERIOUS flavors coming out of that kitchen. I will say this as well, the people that work there (servers, bar tenders, cooks) are very cool and friendly. We were pretty much blown away by the attentiveness and helpfulness. Not over-bearing, mind you, but always there checking in and making sure everything is awesome. Which it was. Completely awesome. My first experience there was so good, I didn't want to write a review right away … I mean, any place can put up a good front one time. I'm all about consistency. I've been back 3 times now, and every single time has been just as good as the first. So now I'm documenting my experience for posterity. The food is completely and utterly amazing! We've talked about the Bacon PB&J taco (get it with extra bacon, because … well, bacon), I mean, it will change your entire belief system! I've had the Steak Chimichurri, the Bah Mi, the Short Rib, the Fire Pig, and the Lemongrass Shrimp. So many amazing flavors, it was a little overwhelming, but damn if I don't want to have my checks direct deposited to this place. It's THAT good. Plus, they have a great selection of craft beers that compliment the tacos perfectly. It's a small place, but man, they pack some big flavors. This is a must-visit place before you die, or at least before the end of the week. Bottom line? Everything … and I mean EVERYTHING on the menu is a home run. This place has moved into my extremely selective Top 5 places of all time. I may be there so much that they might mistake me for an employee … or take out a restraining order. As long as I get the tacos, I really don't care.

Shiladylan 12 days ago

Nachos Borrachos

I had Buffalo Chicken Taco and Nachos Borrachos, I have tried so many places and these kind nachos and taco very delicious, very unique way of mixed flavors and added different verities of items mixed, make very unique taste. Me and my family enjoyed very much. we will come very often this place from Los Angeles.

Maddskeller 26 days ago

Bacon PB&J

This review is for one of the most unique tacos on the menu. I got talked in to trying it one time and OMG it is actually so good. Everytime we go now I make sure to order at least one. Don't even read what's in it, just do it!

Jacquie 8 months ago

Banh Mi

Amazing flavors and a good amount of the five-spice pork. Loved this one. Highly recommend it